October 27, 2020

While You’re Waiting

One of the hardest things to do in life is wait. Waiting can become excruciating when it seems like nothing is happening in our lives. But in today's podcast, Pastor Tim shares some important Biblical principles to encourage you during your time of waiting. Let this message speak to your heart.

October 20, 2020

Antidote to Stress

With all that's going on in our world today - a worldwide pandemic, an economic downturn, strife and conflict seemingly everywhere you turn - it's easy to be overcome by stress. Fortunately, God's Word provides the Antidote to Stress. Listen to today's podcast as Pastor Tim expounds on this. God bless you!

October 14, 2020

Where Do You Turn?

In today's podcast, Pastor Tim asks the question, Where Do You Turn when things are changing all around you? He then shares reasons that God is truly the only one we can turn to. We trust this message will bless and encourage you today.

Does God still speak today? In today's podcast, Dave Nichols answers with an emphatic "Yes!" Listen as he tells us How to Hear the Voice of God. We trust that it will be a blessing to you.

All Christians have a responsibility to pass along a strong faith to the next generation. In this twelfth and final message of his sermon series, A Faith That Works, Pastor Tim shares the importance of leaving a Legacy of Faith.  We hope that God has used this series to speak to your heart.

Continuing his sermon series, A Faith That Works, Pastor Tim shares the implications of what it means to have an Unsinkable Faith, a faith that withstands the storms of life. A quote from the message: "The wave that threatens to overwhelm me will become a path for my feet." We trust that this podcast will be a blessing to you.

Does God still heal today? Absolutely! Today's message discusses the characteristics of Healing Faith. This is the tenth message in Pastor Tim's sermon series, A Faith That Works. Thanks for listening!

This ninth message in the sermon series A Faith That Works takes a look at Sustaining Faith, a faith that trusts God during times of need. Our prayer is that your faith will enable you to trust in God's faithfulness during your hour of need. God bless you!

The Scriptures compare living the Christian life, with all of its struggles, to fighting a war. Indeed, life often seems like one battle after another. Continuing his sermon series A Faith That Works, Pastor Tim talks about Overcoming Faith in today's podcast. Let it speak to your heart today.

Fires in Scripture are symbolic of trials that threaten to destroy us. Today's message, Fireproof Faith, tells us that we can not only survive our fiery trials, but we can thrive in the midst of them. This is the seventh message in the sermon series, A Faith That Works. Thank you for listening!

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